Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tendulkar's Temerity Surfaces Once Again

On 24th February, 2010, exactly twenty two years after the infamous world record school-boys batting partnership was set, the same culprit committed another one of those heinous acts which have made him a loath figure among luminaries such as the flamboyant former bastman Sanjay Manjrekar, captain marvel Michael Atherton, stroke-maker extraordinaire Ian Chappell, and that model of fair play- Moin Khan.

The selfish streak in India's opener came to the fore once again, as without any care for his fellow batsman and opposition, Tendulkar selfishly marched to a world record held by former Pakistani great, Saeed Anwar. What was worse was that Tendulkar had the temerity to score almost 99% of his runs with five overs still left, and then left the death overs for Dhoni to deal with it. It really exemplifies the sort of bloke Tendulkar is. A minnow basher, who can't handle the pressure of playing well for the last five overs of an ODI, which as everyone knows, is the most challenging aspect of the game, as opposed to the cake walk that the first forty five are!
The most glaring part of the innings would undoubtedly be the opposition that he chose to fill his boots again. The fact that he picked minnows South Africa, team of the world's most overrated Test bowler, Dale Steyn, to selfishly grab the record, makes it all the more inviting for the aforementioned quartet to lay into Tendulkar, not to mention other unnamed critics to call him a minnow basher.
It is a proven fact that Tendulkar lacks the calibre to perform against the bigger and better teams. Tendulkar has proven his love for minnows time and again, with cowardly centuries against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Australia, England, Sri Lanka and West Indies. His latest exploits against the newest minnows of world cricket, South Africa, will definitely cement his reputation as a bully of the highest calibre.


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